The ACC Agency Best Practices Award recognizes valuable industry partners within the FAA, TSA or other suitable organizations for the work they do each day as they interact with the airport consultant community.

Past Recipients


ACC is pleased to be soliciting nominations for the 2020 ACC Agency Best Practices Award. Please help to identify worthy individual(s) with the FAA, TSA or other federal agency who exemplify teamwork; are innovative and flexible; and go above and beyond to cooperate with stakeholders.

Your firm may submit more than one nomination. To strengthen your nominee’s chances of being selected, include the support of multiple ACC member firms in your nomination submittal. Please DO NOT notify the individual of your intent to nominate them or that you have submitted their names for this award for two reasons: 1) The identity of the selected recipients will remain unknown until the awards luncheon (this approach has worked extremely well); and 2) It becomes awkward for those not selected in a given year (they may be nominated and selected the following year). Someone at ACC Headquarters will notify an appropriate colleague of the selected recipient(s) to make sure that they will be attending.

Deadline: Friday, April 17, 2020

Nomination Format - Please use the following format for submittals:

  1. Nominee – Identify the individual with title, organization, and contact information (address, phone, and email).
  2. Nominator – Identify the individual submitting the nomination with title, organization and contact information.
  3. Reason/Qualifications – Using the questions below as a guideline, describe in 150 words or less the nominee’s contributions that warrant their selection for this award.

Questions to consider as you select your nominee:

  • Who has shown a spirit for streamlining?
  • Who has gone above and beyond to cooperate with stakeholders?
  • Who has exemplified teamwork?
  • Who has initiated or taken part in an innovative project?
  • Who has remained flexible and worked to benefit all involved?

Please direct your questions to ACC’s President, T.J. Schulz, at or via phone at +1-703-683-5900. Nominations may be sent to the same email address using the above guidelines. We look forward to hearing from you and celebrating these exceptional individuals!